Showbox Not Working/Loading on XBOX One Errors [2020]

Showbox Not Working Guide: ShowBox App not playing movies error on pc, Xbox, Hulu, fix is given here has to be the best app I’ve ever used to stream movies online.

Showbox Not Working/Loading Errors Fix

Showbox is widely known for its flexibility and the capabilities it offers, unlike other phones. After you install the Showbox Apk version on your mobile phone, there are some chances that you will not be able to enjoy watching TV shows or movies due to the “Showbox has stopped working” error.

  • Fix for Showbox window update error:

Sometimes you may receive a message that Showbox has stopped working or has been removed from the Play store due to intermittent operation. This online application is known for the perfect entertainment with which you can enjoy watching TV shows and movies.

Solution: In case you encounter this type of error, you need to restart the modem or reconnect to the Internet.

  • The Solution of error “Video is not available for Showbox”:

This is one of the common problems you may encounter, the resolution of which may vary depending on your device. It is recommended that you do not install movies from sites such as torrents, as Showbox has the best collection of movies and shows. When watching any video, if you see an error indicating that this video is not available, here are some important tips you should follow:


Reinstall the latest version of Showbox
Open the app and check if Showbox has stopped working,
In the “Settings” section, select “Applications”, click “Showbox”, clear the cache and reinstall it.
Select the movie you want to watch and click the “Watch” button.

  • Fixed a bug due to which Showbox stopped working in Windows:

In the previous situation, we learned that the Showbox error does not work: if your application opens and the video does not play, the above steps may be useful, but if you cannot install the application on your PC or Windows, you need to follow the instructions below. Steps:


Reinstall the Showbox app
Launch Android Emulator
A tooltip will appear, click on it
Hover over the Settings option and select the Application Manager.
An image will appear along with a message indicating whether you want to select the Showbox app or not.
Click on the Showbox app and delete it forever.
Then reinstall the latest version of Apk V 4.04
In the download option, you will find the latest version
Install it and you can watch TV shows and movies again

  • Correct the Showbox application cache error:

There is a possibility that you may encounter a cache error if you do not have to use the application for a long time. This can lead to frequent application crashes, and it may not work. At this time, you need to complete the following steps:


On your device, go to the settings and check the “General” category
Select “Application Manager” and select “All Applications” or “All.”
Click on the “Showbox” application, which you will find in the list, and click on
After that, find the Showbox application in the list and click the Clear Cache button.