ShowBox VK.Com Signup And Captcha Problem Solving Guide

ShowBox VK.Com Signup Solving:  Showbox Captcha Problem Solving guide is given here. So, guys, you might have been using the Showbox app for a long time now? You would notice that Showbox apk is quite a creative one with limitless features. There are certainly many other applications out there like moviebox apk and Popcorn Time App but none of them can match it of course. Watching TV shows and Movies is quite of a task which is made easy by this app. I tend to set tight to my sofa and try browsing the app, select the title I like and begin streaming it.

ShowBox VK.Com Signup And Captcha Problem Solving Guide

Let me introduce Showbox Apk once again, this is an entertainment application released only for Android mobile platform. It is an amazing app that lets you find any move title from their database and stream it directly. I love to use ShowBox because it is free of cost which makes me use it daily. Moreover, you don’t have to wait for the stream to begin, because the app is so fast and does the job quickly. It is really simple to use and the interface is quite brilliant indeed.

But no apps are perfect to use and might have some issues which are to be solved. Even in the case of Showbox app for android, we have some pretty big problems to erase in fact. Previously problems such as Showbox Video not found, Showbox Server is not available, ShowBox not working and any occurred. The solution for them was to upgrade to a new version of the app but now anew issue is formed.
Recently the popular movie streaming app ShowBox started to show an error that pops up Captcha. It is a security code that has to be filled in order to proceed forward. I guess many people are really troubled by this problem for quite a long time. But don’t worry guys because we have found the solution to this issue as well. Please follow the below guide where we will explain what is the error and how you can solve it. It might be a lengthy one but after following it, you can use ShowBox like before easily.

What is VK.COM and Captcha Problem?

The error we are talking about is when you select any movie title or click on them to play. A new error “Please enter Captcha” is showing every time you use this app. This is not an error to be correct, because the ShowBox app stores its entire database on VK.COM. So, to make sure that the app is secure is presenting a security code every time you watch or stream. It might be a good decision to stop spam by the but we ShowBox users really irritated by it.

The worst part of all it, is you have to enter security code which is Captcha every time you open a new title. The Captcha is changing every time and you have to find the text inside the image to solve it. Only then you will be able to proceed and do stream your movie. It’s quite disgusting to enter a security code each time you play a movie. In my view, I don’t really like such kinds of stuff and security. But nothing worry because in the below you will find how easily fix Showbox login it is to solve this issue.

How To Solve Login Problem – Solve ShowBox Captcha Issue

ShowBox from the past few weeks has been showing an error “Please enter Captcha”. This error is caused only when you try to open a movie or TV show title to stream from any device. Well, in the first I thought it was some video server issue but not. I came to know that the ShowBox app has been integrated with VK.Com, where most of their data is stored. And has applied a security code which is the Captcha we see when trying to use ShowBox. This problem can be solved by creating an account from VK.Com easily. So, follow the below instructions to create your account on VK.Com and solve this issue.

  • So first you have to open the official website from here
  • Then you need to enter your first name in the first box
  • After that enter Last name and Select  “SEX” either male or female
  • Then click on the Sign Up button and continue to enter your phone number
  • Now you will have to verify your account and move to the next step
  • Here in the new page, you have to create a new password for your account
  • Then after creating your account, your VK.Com account will be successfully made!

But we have only created your account on the site and have to log in from ShowBox to solve the issue completely. Open ShowBox app, when Captcha appears, click on the Login button and enter your account details.

Downgrade or Upgrade ShowBox App

To be precise, the above guide should work for everyone who wants to get rid of the VK.Com login and Captcha issue. But in case you cannot solve it and want to use the app once again normally. Then you have to follow the below guide.


You can downgrade to the previous version of ShowBox to make everything right. It should work for everyone because; the new security code was added in the new version.

Upgrade ShowBox :

The final answer even if Downgrade does not work is to upgrade your ShowBox application to the latest version. This might work like charm because the new version of the app is said to be free of such issues. There are quite good profits if you upgrade because you get a new version, better interface, and design.
After following all the above instructions you might be able to solve ShowBox VK.Com Login and Captcha error. To be frank, this guide is really simple to follow and should work for anyone who tries it at the first time. But if you can’t solve the issue even after following the guide, please try to update your app then.
So thank you guys for following our guide and please share this post with all your friends online. If you face any problem yet, then post it in below comment section.