showbox alternatives

Best ShowBox Alternatives for Android IOS and PC / Laptop

Showbox App is one of the best apps to stream movies and TV shows online. This app has to be the best in the entertaining section but we don’t care about it now. All I want to say is have you ever wondered about finding an alternative for this service. We know that ShowBox is free of cost, has tons of Movies, TV shows loaded in their database.

showbox alternatives

Best ShowBox Alternatives for Android IOS and PC / Laptop :

Like we all know good things come to an end and sometimes they get worse. The same way sometime ShowBox might go dead and you need to find some good service and must stick to it. To be precise you have to look for an alternative for this app as well. Basically you don’t need to because; I have already got a few of the best alternatives you can look into. Each one I listed out has some great features and the service they provide is excellent.


Most of you have an idea about Netflix the giant Movie and TV show streaming network. Well, you have to learn they are the best in the business and most important has the best collection of all the stuff. So, with better and good you have to pay a price but it is less than $10 in fact. You can easily pay such a little amount to watch and stream HD movies and TV shows right after their US telecast. Every day new Movies get added up and new episodes for each series come up soon after their telecast.


Another thing is that they have great support for their customers over the world, even though they are restarted to a few countries. You can still use their app in order to stream movies right from your IOS or Android device.

Popcorn Time for PC:

Popcorn time App is a well know multi-platform streaming application that does a great job. In fact, this service is the best free alternative to all other video subscription services. It has some great design, Interface and better features you can’t have on any service really. Other than just streaming Movies, TV shows you can stream Torrents as well.


This makes it much unique than others and there are no hidden charges for you. You can install in just a matter of time and get your favorite movies right on the screen and running.

MovieBox App:

Well MovieBox for IOS has to be the best alternative to ShowBox App because it’s free and is simple. Yes, it’s simple to use you just have to install the app and get your video running in no time. It uses very less Internet bandwidth and can stream better without buffering than others.


It has been released for Android and IOS platforms, so it can be installed over BlackBerry, Kindle Fire and Desktop platform as well. All the latest movies will be shown on screen, but you can scroll down and find more. Better use the search bar and find the right movies you are looking for.

Cartoon HD App:

You might be wondering this app might stream only Cartoon HD but you might be mistaken. This app can stream and bring the best Movies, TV Shows, Cartoon and many more programs with ease. The best part about this is that it’s free of cost and has been released for multiple platforms. The service is very similar to others, you get to select from all kinds of videos, save them to your personal playlist and more. One more thing would be that it gives you the satisfaction of watching videos legally and has no virus indeed.

Voila! You have just discovered the best alternative you can find instead of ShowBox. Only Netflix service is paid but the remaining three are free of course in fact. I would suggest you try the best one you like and leave a response about these apps below.